Van, Ron, and Teddy's search for Batman lands them in trouble
Powerless - Season 1
Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

You've seen the photos of Alan Tudyk dressed as Robin on Powerless. Now, it's time to see him action on the mean streets of Charm City. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go well.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday's episode, Teddy (Danny Pudi), Ron (Ron Funches), and Van (Alan Tudyk) go looking for Batman in a dark alley one night in order to return one of his Batarangs to him. "Batman is not going to come to the office, so we need to meet him in his office, the cover of night," Teddy wisely says to Ron, who is disturbed by the lewd acts he's witnessing in the alleyway.

"Would you nerds go stand over there? You're embarrassing me," protests Van, who decided to go out in public dressed as the Boy Wonder.

Unfortunately, the boys end up getting more than they bargained for because instead of meeting the Dark Knight, they come face to face with a green-haired, knife-wielding mugger. Spurred by Teddy, Van valiantly steps up to defend them… and fails.

"You know what rhymes with java? Lava!" says Van before throwing a drink in the mugger's face. "Oh my god, that was an iced coffee! I have just made him very angry. Alright, guys, get 'em out." And, they all hand over their wallets to their assailant.

Watch the clip below: <iframe id="NBC Video Widget" width="580" height="327" src="" frameborder="0" class="" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>o—÷}çÚÙÖÜéÆûçŽ4ï~8ÛÍûiíÓ^{÷¯^

Powerless airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC

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