By Nick Romano
February 22, 2017 at 09:43 AM EST

Of all the shipper teams on Gilmore Girls, actor Milo Ventimiglia is not Team Jess. He explained to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday that he “felt like it was maybe a little arrogant” to side with his own character on the battlefield for Rory’s heart. Instead, he’d rather join Team Jack from his current show, This Is Us.

“I was, of course, a big Team Dean and Logan because I love Matty Czuchry and Jared Padalecki…but were those guys Team Rory?” he questioned. “I think that’s kinda the question that I was thinking. Yeah, it blew your mind.”

Ventimiglia added, “He was a cool guy. Jess was pretty awesome. He was no Jack Pearson,” noting his character on This Is Us.

The actor called the latest episode of the NBC drama “very heavy,” which is an understatement. Thankfully for those who haven’t watched yet, he didn’t get into spoilers.

Watch Ventimiglia in the clip above.