Here's what CNN under Trump law might look like

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump has a solution to the “fake news” problem: Start a Trump-led news network.

The Tonight Show host reprised his spray-tan impersonation on Tuesday night to introduce the Trump News Network, a CNN-like media empire anchored by POTUS himself. “The only way to ensure the news you’re watching is not fake is if I’m the one delivering it, which is why I’m starting the Trump News Network,” Fallon said. “This is TNN.”

It’s the only news network that is “100 percent fair and 112 percent factual,” he added.

So what does news on TNN look like? Fallon’s Trump began reporting on “Friday’s incident” in Sweden “that absolutely did happen,” before turning to his pick for national security adviser and “a new study” that finds “golf totally counts as work” — accompanied by a photo of the real Trump with a putter in hand.

For the record, that “incident” in Sweden Fallon joked about absolutely did not happen. During POTUS’ post-inauguration rally in Florida, he referenced “what’s happening last night in Sweden” and “we’ve got to keep our country safe. Trump later clarified his statements on Twitter.

Fallon also introduced a “Bad Things Button” generator to report on the actual bad things and not the bad things mainstream media has been discussing. “There’s been a Godzilla attack in Finland,” he declared. “Finland, can you believe it? And Godzilla of all people.”

Writer and comedian Jo Firestone reprised her Betsy DeVos impersonation to report the weather as a “weatherman” for TNN. “I like the sun. Whenever it comes out, I say, ‘Hello, sun!’ and look right at it and sometimes my eyes burn,” she said.

During the election, rumors floated around that the real Trump had thought about starting his own Trump-run media conglomerate, a la Fox News. Trump later quashed those rumors by telling Cincinnati radio station 700WLW that he had “no interest in Trump TV.”

Watch Fallon’s TNN in the clip at the top.

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