As a longtime 'LOTR' fan, Stephen Colbert can't let this one go
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Diehard Lord of the Rings fan Stephen Colbert couldn't ignore one of Uma Thurman's biggest "what ifs": The Kill Bill star passed on playing Eowyn (a role that went to Miranda Otto) in Peter Jackson's film trilogy all those years ago.

When Thurman appeared on The Late Show Monday night, the host didn't let her off the hook so easily. "I would've played Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings," Colbert joked.

Similar to what she told MTV News in 2008, Thurman explained, "It was a very long time ago, and I do consider it one of the worst decisions ever made, but I just had my first child and, I don't know, I was a little housebound…. I think I was a little bit, it was a little unknown for me, but it's really definitely a regret."

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David Bowie, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Nicolas Cage also rank among the actors who could've starred in The Lord of the Rings, but Thurman went on to have "totally different swordplay" in Kill Bill. So, it all worked out!

Watch Thurman in the clip above.

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