SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

The game of Survivor does not begin when the cameras start rolling. It starts well before then as players feel each other out in the pre-game process. While not allowed to talk to each other, the contestants can communicate in other ways. Impressions — sometimes correct, sometimes not — can be formed that often lead to alliances or enemies once the players hit the island.

Sarah Lacina had some thoughts about one contestant in particular while waiting for the game to begin at Ponderosa, and it will be interesting to see if her negative take on fan favorite Michaela will end up impacting the game (even though they will be starting it on different tribes). Those weren’t the only strong thoughts Sarah shared. She also questioned whether a four-time player like Ozzy could be considered an all-star if he has yet to win the game, and claims she has learned how to deal with her Cagayan nemesis Tony. Watch the video above and read the Q&A below to see this arresting take from the Cedar Rapids police officer. (Also make sure to follow @thedaltonross on Instagram to see exclusive on-location photos, including one of Sarah casting her pre-game vote for whom she’d like to vote off first.)

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why are you going to win Survivor: Game Changers, Sarah?
SARAH LACINA: I will win Survivor: Game Changers because people don’t really know what I have in my bag of tricks.

Okay, so what’s in your bag of tricks?
The first time I played people got to see this loyal Sarah, and they didn’t get to see my strategy. I was voted out as the first member of the jury, however, I had laid a solid foundation to win the game. I just made one wrong mistake. I’ve learned from my mistakes and that is not going to happen.

Was your mistake spelled T-O-N-Y?
My big mistake was Tony, and I’ve learned how to deal with that problem and we’re just going to have to see how it plays out.

How are you going to deal with him?
I would say Tony is probably the most dangerous person out here. The guy is so quick on his feet. He can lie, he can cheat, he can steal, he can swear on his kids, his mom, his dad, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Anything in real life means nothing to him out here. He’s one of the very few I have ever seen who can completely separate that. So with that being said, I know that’s how he is. Other people don’t know that. So the bottom line is, don’t trust a thing out of Tony’s mouth. Ever.

Did you pick up any clues from being around this people pre-game?
Yeah, Michaela. Her body language really turns me off. She seems like a diva and just lazy. So I’d like to see her go.

Is it weird having people on from last season that you know nothing about?
It’s very weird, because this is Game Changers so clearly they’ve done something to fit in that category, and we have no idea what it is. So it’s up to us to get one of them to tell us what the other one did.

Who do you want to work with out there?
I’m open to working with anybody. I now that’s a generic answer but I think if you come into this game with a pre-set plan, you’re doomed. You have to come into this game completely open because Survivor changes like that. One minute you think you’ve got it made, the next minute your torch is getting snuffed. And this game is all about thinking on your feet and making those spur of the moment decisions, and who can adjust. So the generic answer, I’ll work with anybody, that’s true. Ideally, I’ll work with anyone who I know to be loyal. I watched Caleb play Big Brother and Caleb was really loyal.

Ozzy, I get a good vibe from him, but I think Ozzy’s in his own world, so I don’t really know that Ozzy plays the game, you know? When you sit there and you say, “You’ve got these big dogs out here.” Well, it’s very true, you’ve got big dogs, you’ve got people playing 3 or 4 times, but does that mean they’re good at the game? Because if someone was married four times, would you say they’re good at marriage? Probably not. So just because they’re back a fourth time doesn’t mean they’re these all-star players because they haven’t won yet, so they’re doing something wrong.

How do you think other players see you?
Maybe based on seeing me around, I think I come off as intimidating and people are intimated by me, which isn’t really that true. I laugh all the time and joke around.

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