The stars of the Freeform series commemorated the milestone — on their bodies

By Derek Lawrence
February 20, 2017 at 09:00 AM EST
Paul Hebert/Freeform
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The cast and producers of Baby Daddy — the Freeform series about three men and a little baby — gathered Feb. 13 at Broken Art Tattoo in Los Angeles to celebrate filming their 100th episode with tears of joy, champagne, and, naturally, tattoos.

The close-knit group decided to memorialize their moment in indelible ink, specifically with the baby pin from the series’ logo. The idea hailed from series star and tattoo veteran Jean-Luc Bilodeau, who plays Ben, the father to young Emma.

“It was this easy,” he told EW at the intimate gathering. “I love tattoos. I love Baby Daddy. Let’s put those together.”

Already planning on getting a tattoo in honor of the show, which returns for season 6 on March 13, Bilodeau was surprised by how quickly his costars jumped onboard with the proposal.

“Obviously, we were all down, because it is a monumental, amazing feat in television to be able to have accomplished 100 episodes,” shared Tahj Mowry, who despite more than two decades in the business is experiencing the milestone for the first time. “So hell yeah, I want a tattoo.”

Paul Hebert/Freeform

Melissa Peterman, the show’s onscreen and offscreen mom, got her first tattoo over 20 years ago and was excited to have a special reason to get more ink.

“When it became a reality, it just felt right,” she said. “We’re really tight, so I wanted a little piece of them, and now I’ll always have it.”

There was one possible holdout the cast was worried about: Despite looking like an action star and playing professional hockey player Danny Wheeler on the series, Derek Theler was tattooless — until now.

“It was me being silent in the corner as everyone was talking about it,” he admitted to EW. “All eyes kind of went to me at the same time and it was like, ‘You’re going to get one too, right?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ And then the peer pressure over the last few weeks has gotten to me [Laughs]. But it’s my first one and I guess why not do it at a special time with my family who I’ve been working with for years.”

Paul Hebert/Freeform

There was much debate about where on the body to put the fresh ink, with Peterman noting to keep in mind the upcoming pilot season. Following that advice, most played it safe, staying away from a Mike Tyson situation, even though Chelsea Kane still wasn’t sure exactly where she was putting it until the last possible moment. “This is a testament to how much I love this group, because I would not do this unless they asked me to,” she laughed.

Talk about leaving a mark.

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