Mr. Bonner's second-grade class is back with a new video, and this one has even more star power
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Ellen DeGeneres
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For Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host brought back Michael Bonner, the North Carolina teacher behind the viral educational videos starring his second-grade students.

DeGeneres even set up Bonner and his students with the resources to make a music video for one of their original classroom rap songs. In one of the clips below, a few famous rappers — Big Sean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ice Cube, Migos, and Ty Dolla $ign — perform alongside the students.

Bonner originally appeared on the show in January, when DeGeneres surprised Bonner with a video message from his students and a $25,000 check for the school. DeGeneres also started a GoFundMe page for the school, and on Friday, she asked Bonner about the impact these donations have had on the school.

"Everybody's really positive," Bonner said. "It's exciting to see so many different people donate to our school. It also sends a great message to my kids, that if you're determined and you work hard, good things happen."

This time around, Bonner brought his students with him. They got to join him and DeGeneres on stage at the end of the interview, but even before that, Bonner talked about what an awesome experience it was for students from a poverty-stricken district to fly on an airplane without their parents and stay in a hotel.

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"You have to understand, a lot of them go without eating, unless they're at school," DeGeneres said. "Sometimes they don't eat at all. So for them to be here and go out to dinner and think of that, that they ate for the first time to be full enough to go to sleep, it breaks my heart."

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