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The Simpsons will play Chicken again this Sunday.

The next episode of the Fox animated comedy, which airs Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. ET, will feature a Robot Chicken-produced opening couch gag, in which the Simpsons discover that the sailboat painting — or “derivative amateur seascape,” as Lisa calls it — has gone missing. Bart suggests that another animated series stole it, sending Homer on an adventure outside of the normal dimension and into South Park — or a “third-grade shoebox diorama,” in his words— and into a fight with the California Raisins before, well, let’s just say it involves a certain Nerd and a ziplock bag full of Jonathan Frakes’ beard trimmings.

Robot Chicken, the Adult Swim show created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, previously contributed a couch gag in The Simpsons’ season 24 that involved donuts, not raisins.

See the latest one above.

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