POTUS promised his supporters America would get tired of winning all the time, but have we?

Remember when Donald Trump promised his supporters Americans would get tired of winning they’d be winning at everything so much? Seth Meyers remembers.

“Let’s see all those wins Trump has been racking up in his first few weeks as president,” he said of news coverage about a federal judge blocking the immigration ban, Michael Flynn’s ousting as national security adviser, Kellyanne Conway’s illegal promotion of Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand on national television, Trump’s tensions with Australia, security compromises at Mar-a-lago, and Andrew Puzder bowing out of the bid for labor secretary.

As Meyers joked, Trump’s no DJ Khaled.

Quoting one of Trump’s critics who called the administration “amateur hour,” the host reasoned POTUS previously hosted a reality show that was essentially amateur hour: The Apprentice. The comparison was brought up again in referencing a Republican strategist tweeting a claim about 10 out of the 20 key White House staffers spending their days telling media why the other 10 should be fired, and reports of Trump’s ambivalence to fire Flynn.

“Again, Apprentice! You’re the ‘You’re fired’ guy and you couldn’t bring yourself to fire someone? That’s like finding out Flo from the Progressive commercials rides the bus,” Meyers joked.

“This administration is like a really intense haunted house where every door you think is an exit is just a door to an even scarier room,” he added. “How do I get out of this f–ing place? I wet my pants three rooms ago!”

Watch Meyers in the clip at the top.

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