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We’ve heard plenty of stories of actresses and the like not eating the day of an awards show to fit into her dress — and we’ve certainly seen the photos of them gorging on a burger after the ceremony — but this dumpling dilemma is on another level.

When Entertainment Weekly: The Show host Lola Ogunnaike sat down with Gordon Ramsay, he turned the tables on her and started asking her food questions. “If I had to go back home now and look inside your fridge, what would be the first thing that jumps out?” the Masterchef professor asked.

“Chicken dumplings,” she said with minimal hesitation. “I went to the SAG Awards things weekend — humblebrag — and I had dumplings that I put in to eat that night but then I was like, ‘I can’t eat these dumplings and fit in my dress,’ so I didn’t eat the dumplings.”

It was then revealed that Ogunnaike picked up the dumplings during the event. “The next time I see you at an awards ceremony, I’m going to tell the caterers to hide the food,” joked Ramsay. “You take the food home…”

“In a little clutch,” Ogunnaike interjected. “No one has to know.”

See what Ramsay had to say about how he’d handle his last meal if he were a death row inmate below.

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