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Holy sh–snacks!

The first full trailer for Archer season 8 is here, exclusively on EW.com.

The radically re-designed new episodes titled Archer: Dreamland is set in 1947 and re-imagines the characters in new-ish roles.

As fans know, season 7 left Sterling seemingly dead face-down in a swimming pool. The new season springboards from that cliffhanger into an Archer fantasy of sorts. Here Sterling is, naturally, a private eye, who’s on the hunt to find the murderer of his former partner Woodhouse (whose voice actor, George Coe, died two years ago). Meanwhile, Malory is not his supervisor but rather “the biggest mobster in L.A.,” Lana is a nightclub performer and love interest, Cyril is a detective (with Pam is his partner), and Cheryl is a client with a very Cheryl-ish request.

Producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson have said Sterling will be meeting all of these alter-ego versions for the first time during the course of the season. And that’s not all that’s new: Archer is shifting to FX’s spin-off channel FXX when it premieres Wednesday, April 5, so make sure you update your DVR so it’s not looking for the show on FX — because that’s how we get missed episodes.

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