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February 15, 2017 at 09:38 AM EST

“I like news. This is exhausting, though,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper remarked of Donald Trump’s presidency on Conan Tuesday night. But he suggests this heightened chaos is the product of the POTUS himself.

“The President seems to thrive on chaos,” Tapper told Conan O’Brien. “It was like that during the campaign. It obviously worked. And it’s like that now. He also seems to like having different competing groups of power competing against each other and we’d heard about that from his business enterprise that he liked different people competing with each other, bouncing off each other. Obviously, The Apprentice was like that, as well.”

Tapper is making a bigger name for himself during the era of President Trump, thanks to his fierce interviews and critical eye — even when it comes to calling out his own network.

“I think we can all agree that we’re not used to this level of confusion and chaos and different messages coming from the White House, the president,” he reflected on covering the president. Pointing to Michael Flynn, the national security adviser who lost his post after misleading White House officials over Russia, Tapper said, “We were told that General Flynn was fired, then we were told he resigned, then we were told he was fired. These are all on-the-record statements made by different people in the administration. It’s very confusing.”

Sadly, Tapper didn’t offer much hope that the chaos will end anytime soon. “If you’re looking for me to reassure you, I cannot. I cannot be that reassuring. I would like to cover the policies that his voters voted for him to carry out, whether it was having to do with trade or draining the swamp or the border or counter-terrorism… but there is so much else going on beyond that. Tweets about Meryl Streep and this chaos now with his national security adviser being fired four weeks into his term.”

Watch a clip from Tapper’s appearance below.

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