The actress explains how her character has evolved throughout the show's four-season run

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Octavia Blake has always been different from the other teens who fell from the sky on The 100. After all, she had a sibling and was excited by the fact that she was stranded on the ground. But her evolution to warrior still came as a surprise for most fans. Season 4 has already revealed that she’s evolved yet again… into an assassin.

“This is my favorite season for Octavia,” actress Marie Avgeropoulos tells EW of her ever-growing character. “You can really see how far she’s come from chasing butterflies to chasing blood.”

The 30-year-old actress credits this expanded role to the creators and writers getting to know her better. “[They] realized, ‘Wow, we can use her athletic ability,’ and [they were able to] mold this really dynamic character that’s been such a pleasure to play.”

She also credits Octavia’s fighting spirit and abilities to Indra (played by Adina Porter), whose role as her mentor continues to grow. “Indra has become almost closer to Octavia than Bellamy because she taught her to be the woman she really is — especially after Lincoln’s death,” Avgeropoulos says. “She kept her really focused and encouraged her.”

But that relationship could be in jeopardy in Wednesday’s episode, “The Four Horseman.”

“The third episode puts Octavia in an interesting predicament because it introduces a dynamic that’s paramount to both Octavia and Indra,” Avgeropoulos teases. “Octavia proves to the audience that she does whatever is necessary to carry out the task, but the audience will see if that’s true if it directly affects her mentor.”

Without revealing too much, she says Octavia also becomes allies with someone new this episode, although “neither of the two quite trust each other.”

With all these shifting alliances and relationships at Polis, it’s easy to forget that the world is still ending in six months. But Avgeropoulos says Octavia isn’t too worried: “I think she will find a way around that for sure.”

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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