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February 13, 2017 at 11:00 PM EST

Quantico is beginning to tie up loose ends. With one more episode to go before the show shifts to a single timeline, the latest hour follows the recruits at the Farm as they infiltrate the NSA to clear their records, while Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Owen (Blair Underwood) try to catch Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) in the act of conducting an AIC mission with her recruits.

But of course, things go sideways. Alex and Owen find a lair covered in photos of the recruits (and Lydia!) and have no idea who’s been watching them. León (Aarón Díaz) gets caught and kicked out of the Farm, causing Shelby (Johanna Braddy) to lose her post as well. And Harry (Russell Tovey) and Sebastian (David Lim) fail to move on with their relationship, as Sebastian tries to kill Harry at the Farm, until Dayana (Pearl Thusi) steps in to stop him. During the crisis eight months later, Sebastian does the opposite: He attempts to save Harry’s life when Carly (Paige Patterson) reveals that she’d been working for the AIC all along.

Below, EP Josh Safran answers burning questions about the latest episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with Carly and her betrayal. So just to be clear, she’s definitely dead?
JOSH SAFRAN: Dead is dead on Quantico.

Is she truly a member of the AIC? And if so, why did you decide to reveal her affiliation now? 
She is, and it’s hard to define why. If you look at the Farm timeline, Sebastian’s looking for a safety net so he doesn’t actually have to look at himself, and Carly provided that, so he believed her, and then on the other side, we see that he was given her in episode 9 as a mark at the wedding. Whoever gave him her, that was the plan between Carly and that person so she could get close to Sebastian to make sure that the CIA was never on to them. So she was always a plant. He did [that] to keep from dealing with himself but it also f—ed with him. It’s like the two sides of the coin and he’s headed towards a mental breakdown.

He’s also on the verge of dying at the end of the episode. But back on the Farm, he’s the one nearly choking Harry to death. Would he have actually killed Harry if Dayana hadn’t stepped in?
I think so. I believe that he was so desperate to kill that part of himself, and Harry represents that part of himself. And Harry, in that moment, also believed that he should die for the things that he’s done, so he’s willing to die for that. It’s complicated.

Tell me more about writing Harry and Sebastian. What made you want to write a relationship this rocky?
I mean, it’s sort of a personal story. I’ve known more than a few people who are struggling with their sexualities and more than a few people who have struggled with that in regards to their religion. It kind of came from that and it’s not just me — a lot of the writers talked about it. It was an important story we wanted to tell. The stories this year are basically all about the prisons we’re put into by our religions, our races, our economic level, our education, so all of our characters have those boxes, and this happens to be Sebastian’s struggle.

Elsewhere on the Farm, I totally thought this episode would reveal how Owen wound up in prison, but I guess it was all a misdirection and this episode isn’t a part of why he gets imprisoned.
Guess what? It is, but you won’t know that until next week. This is directly linked to why he goes to prison.

And what about Shelby and León? Will we ever see them together again, now that they’re both out?
Nope. Shelby has that moment with Nimah where she says she was falling for him, but that’s it — it’s over and done. That was her mark, but she’s done. He’s not at the Farm anymore so we kind of left it at that. I don’t think León and Shelby are “canon” — they were never meant to be, but she definitely had feelings for him and he had feelings for her, but it was a job.

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Are we going to see them together in a scene again to talk about what happened?
[Their relationship] is definitely in the fabric of the show moving forward, but they themselves don’t get together to discuss it.

Let’s move on to the hostage crisis. So, I’m assuming Will and Dayana are in the same place right now, still inside the crisis zone.
Yes, the assumption is that Dayana took Will.

Was Lydia lying about hiding the drives and where she’s been this whole time?
It’s not a lie. She did hide them.

Okay, and Alex’s mission is to go back inside to find Dayana. Does that mean that Lydia is working with Dayana or is she sending Alex against her?
I can’t answer that. It’s a very good question and that exact question is the plot of episode 13. So that’s not just something we forgot about and threw up in the air, it lands completely. By the way, the next episode is primarily in the future.

Will we still see the Farm at some point?
We will, but by pretty much past the midpoint, we’re caught up and then we’re only in the crisis timeline.

Will we eventually see Claire and Shelby again in the future?
Yeah. All I can say is that Claire is very instrumental in the next episode. Everything is answered, so there’s not really anything left hanging except for one plot strand which is left for Claire to discuss at the end of the episode. That discussion is the motor for the last nine episodes.

At the very end of the episode, we also see Alex and Owen discover that lair with all the photos of the recruits. Anything you can tease now about how that fits into the bigger picture of the season?
Well, the answer to that is in the premiere of season 2, but it’ll also be explained in the next episode. You’ll know in the next episode. You’re not meant to fully make the connection in this episode but in the next episode when the body is identified you’ll make the connection.

Is the person who walked in and died in the explosion someone we know?
Yes — meaning, it’s not one of our regulars but it is someone we know.

Anything else we should watch out for next week?
In [episode] 13, everything really does wrap up so what you will be looking out for are probably the last two words of the episode. You’ll see. The last two words are very important.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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