'First, it was a prison. Now, it's a nation.'
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Credit: Ed Aqaquel

Seven years after Michael Scofield sacrificed himself in the Prison Break series finale, the tattooed genius will be back for Fox’s nine-episode revival that finds him — what else? — breaking out of prison.

As EW first revealed, when viewers next see Michael (Wentworth Miller), he’s an inmate in a Middle Eastern prison called Ogygia. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the entire season is a nod to the Odyssey — Michael, in this case, is the embattled hero trying to make his way back home to his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies) and child.

But there’s a big difference between breaking out of Fox River and trying to escape the Midnight Express-like hellscape in a war-torn country, hence the tagline in the poster exclusively revealed below: “First, it was a prison. Now, it’s a nation.”

Credit: Fox

Can Michael make it back home? In a reversal of roles, it’s up to his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) to help. We’ll find out if he’s up to the task when Prison Break returns April 4 on Fox.

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