Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert tweaked the notion that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is the real power behind President Donald Trump and his administration with a brief cartoon on Friday night’s episode of The Late Show.

In the short, a cartoon version of Bannon is shown reading an animated Trump a bedtime story. “And that’s how the Democrats raised millions of Mexicans from the dead to vote against you,” Cartoon Bannon reads.

“I love that one Bannie, I’m glad I have you as a friend,” Cartoon Trump replies.

As Cartoon Bannon goes to leave the bedroom, Cartoon Trump gets emotional. “Bannie? It’s just, why don’t the celebrities like me?” he says through tears.

“Oh, Donnie, they’re just afraid of you,” replies Cartoon Bannon. “Yes, they think you’re a big powerful man who will bring an end to their way of life and all life on Earth.”

“Am I really that powerful?” asks Cartoon Trump.

“Of course I am,” says Cartoon Bannon.