By Christopher Rosen
February 11, 2017 at 10:48 AM EST
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Fresh off a Twitter battle with J.K. Rowling, commentator Piers Morgan found himself engaged in a social media fight with comedian and actor Patton Oswalt.

“If Hillary won you’d be clinging to her pantsuit like a lemur. Spare me the working class hero sh–. You’re a palace Corgi,” Oswalt wrote in one of his tweets directed at Morgan.

The trouble for Morgan started on Friday night’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, where Australian comedian Jim Jefferies told Morgan to “f— off” for defending President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration order against seven majority Muslim countries as not a “Muslim ban.” As the video from Bill Maher’s HBO show went viral, Rowling mocked Morgan as, among other things, a “celebrity toady” for his defense of the president. (Morgan won Trump’s former reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice.) During their back-and-forth — the full breakdown can be seen here — Morgan tweeted, “If it falls to me to stand up for the global basket of deplorables, then so be it.”

In response to that statement, Oswalt weighed in: “Says the frightened millionaire who’d call the cops if said deplorables got within 300 yards of his gated estate.”

It didn’t take very long for Morgan to respond: “I don’t happen to think that anyone who voted Trump is deplorable.
The fact you do is why Hillary lost. Just elitist, entitled, bullsh–,” he wrote.

That’s when Oswalt called Morgan a “palace Corgi.”

“The Palace corgis are magnificent animals so pipe down, you insufferable berk,” Morgan wrote back in defense of himself. “Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate.”

Read their exchange below.