It's an interview of mini proportions.
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Stephen Colbert brought both Will Arnett and LEGO Batman himself on The Late Show Friday night for an interview between minifigures.

Arnett, who voices the Dark Knight in this weekend’s The LEGO Batman Movie, reprised the character again in voicing a LEGO Batman figure standing on Colbert’s desk. It was joined by a LEGO in the likeness of the fearless late-night host, and the two had a brief chat about on-set pranks and Arnett’s “cuckoo handsome” looks.

“I’m always doing stuff,” LEGO Batman said. “I learned from Cloon-dog how to do pranks on set, and I was always putting cans of tuna in peoples’ dressing rooms and turning the heat on high, and it would really stink the join up.”

“It was lovely having you on, Batman,” LEGO Colbert later joked. “I usually make out with my guests.”

Watch the subsequent LEGO make-out session and the full LEGO interview in the clip above.

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