The 'Late Show' host dinged POTUS for his responses to 'so-called judges'

By Nick Romano
February 10, 2017 at 08:37 AM EST

Stephen Colbert put President Donald Trump on blast during his opening monologue on The Late Show Thursday night, dinging Trump for his social media attacks against U.S. judges for upholding the block on his travel ban.

“He’s just three weeks into his presidency and he’s already attacking America’s enemies, starting with the judicial branch,” Colbert said.

The host pointed to Trump’s tweet about the “so-called” federal judge who struck down his executive order implementing the “definitely, definitely not a Muslim ban.”

“Of course, as someone from reality TV, Trump doesn’t consider someone a real judge unless they’re sitting next to Howie Mandel,” Colbert cracked.

As Colbert pointed out, even Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, took issue with Trump’s attack on judges. But that alone caused the president to tweet an attack on Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who shared Gorsuch’s comments with the press.

Colbert admitted that Trump was partly right in that Blumenthal didn’t fight in Vietnam, but said his claims of misrepresentation were faulty. Colbert also said Trump “was granted five draft deferments including one for bone spurs in his heels.”

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“Trump’s tragic Nam story is captured in the film Apocalypse, Ow!” he joked.

Watch the clip above.