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Did you get any Flash scoop on Killer Frost? — Kendra
When I asked how Cisco would try to help Caitlin quell her Killer Frost tendencies, Carlos Valdes dropped a truth bomb: “Caitlin has some secrets of her own that are going to come to light and are going to change not just the dynamic of the team, but also her own feelings about her dynamic within the team,” he says. “It all comes to a head.” Make of that what you will.

Can you reveal when Snow and Charming will both be awake on Once Upon a Time? — Miley
I cannot reveal when, but I can give you a tease about how. “The manner by which they are brought out of the sleeping curse is moving,” Ginnifer Goodwin tells me. “I became emotional every time I read the script and it has nothing really to do with David or me.”

I’m hoping for some Supercorp scoop for Supergirl! — Van
When Lillian Luthor breaks out of prison, all signs point to Lena assisting her. Only Kara stands by Lena, leading to some tension. “Kara is at odds with a lot of people — everyone basically,” Melissa Benoist says. “It’s a smart story point to constantly keep people guessing about Lena, what her motives are and what she really wants. She’s a Luthor, so can you ever really trust someone who was raised in that environment? I’ve always appreciated how Kara has given her the benefit of the doubt and trusts her because Lena has proven herself more than once that she wants to make the world a better place and she doesn’t want to subscribe to her family’s narrative.”

Anything Blacklist? — Anna
How about this for awkward: Aram’s former hacker girlfriend Elise, a.k.a Janet, returns in the Feb. 16 episode, falling back into Aram’s orbit. And I’ve got an exclusive first look at her return:


Anything on Gavin’s return to Supernatural? —Tim
Gavin’s return will happen very soon, and his arrival will have quite an effect on Rowena. According to Ruth Connell, she had a little bit of trouble rationalizing Rowena’s actions in that hour: “I was like, really? She really just did that?!” I’m not sure what exactly goes down, but Connell did say “it’s to do with Gavin coming back and her having a grandson, so there’s a lot more to be found out about Rowena.”

I only have one question for The 100: Can you tell us who will be on that list of 100 people Clarke can save inside Arkadia? — Turner
Not so fast — who says Clarke will definitely be making that list? When episode 3 begins, she’s looking for a way to ration their resources and as always, save as many people as possible. Making a list of 100 people is only one option; another may present itself in the hour as well. Then again, showrunner Jason Rothenberg warns that having more options won’t necessarily mean saving more people. “Ultimately, as with all things on this show, we try and set up situations where there is no good answer, where it’s sort of like, ‘What’s the least bad solution?'” Rothenberg says. “Otherwise, it’s too easy. In fact, I find myself all the time, if we set up a scenario, taking a side as a writer and then I’ll do a rewrite where I try to take the other side so that both arguments are well-represented and both people are justified in what they’re doing. That’s when the show’s at its best.” Any guesses on what another option for survival may be?

Will Oliver find out what’s really going on with Felicity on Arrow soon? — Tiana
Not for several episodes, but you may be surprised by his reaction. “He knows that she’s into something, and he knows that she doesn’t want to tell him about it, so he’s dealing with that in his own way,” Stephen Amell tells me. “For Felicity, it’s not something that she and Oliver discuss until they have what is actually an adult conversation about it in [a future episode].”

I need some scoop on the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf! — Mary
Well, I’m still not sure exactly when the show is coming back, but I do know one thing: The final season is going to feature a few familiar faces. “I can tell you we have some returning people that I’m very happy to see on set,” showrunner Jeff Davis says. “It’s providing some fun character stuff, and some people might return in very unexpected ways.” Submit your theories for who’s returning in the comments!

How will Weller feel about Oliver and Jane’s new relationship on Blindspot? — Kylie
Not great, Kylie. “Weller is jealous,” EP Martin Gero tells me. But seeing Jane with another man could ultimately help him realize his true feelings in the long run. “Sometimes it takes the person you like going on a date with someone to realize like, ‘Oh boy, I have feelings about this person.’ Even though it will feel like we’re moving it away from Jeller, I think it’s an important step in the process.”

Is there anything you can tease about Kitty’s return to Elementary? — Katerina
I’ll keep this short and sweet: Kitty returns with a major bombshell secret relating to a new man in her life.

This week in TV: I can’t tell you what, but I am gleefully humming a song I heard on The Flash-Supergirl musical crossover set, which is permanently cemented in my head.

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