Box of Lies just became a "huuuuge" impersonation throw down

Jimmy Fallon's rousing round of Box of Lies on The Tonight Show Thursday night got a "huuuuge" boost from Alec Baldwin: the pair began trading off Donald Trump impressions as they entered the third round of the guessing game.

It started when Fallon squinted his eyes, puckered his lips, and flopped his hand about after unboxing a surgical glove packed with olives. "It's the grossest thing I've ever seen in my entire life," he said, channeling the president. In the same voice, the host told his guest, "Grab a box and tell me what's in your box."

Baldwin then reprised his Trump impersonation, which viewers will probably see return to Saturday Night Live this weekend when he hosts for the 17th time. "Jimmy, it's a burrito," he said. "It's a really big, fat, juicy burrito filled with bananas. It's a banana burrito… from Honduras."

"I myself would not ever eat a burrito from China," he added as a conversation between the two Trumps broke out. "And the Honduran that delivered this burrito here to the studio, we had him deported."

It was announced in September that Baldwin would ascend to SNL's official Trump impersonator, and he's since become a mainstay. Fallon channeled the newly minted POTUS many times, as well, including his Tonight Show Madea sketch, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and a Wheel of Decisions bit.

Watch the Box of Lies game in the video at the top, and skip to the 3:55 mark for the start of the impressions.

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