Colbert wanted to give De Niro a special gift -- a Trump condom

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Robert De Niro‘s shopping excursion with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night turned into a jab against the president when the Late Show host shattered Donald Trump mugs in an NYC souvenir shop.

The audience, watching from the studio, applauded Colbert as he made his way through Trump merchandise at a place called Gifts, Luggage. “It’s two for $14.99. If you don’t break another one, I’m losing money,” he joked to De Niro.

Colbert wanted to give his guest something special to remember his appearance on the show, and De Niro ended up with a backpack filled with a Big Apple clock, a t-shirt with a kitten scaling the Empire State Building, a fake Oscar statuette, and a stack of Trump candy.

He did, however, politely decline the Trump magnet, bobblehead, and condom. “Give it your wife, put it on the refrigerator,” Colbert joked of the magnet. “They’re really nice. They’ll stick to anything, even if they’re not metal.”

As the pair surveyed the fake Statue of Liberty figurines and “I Love NYC” t-shirts, the host said, “For a real New Yorker like you, this is like being home, everywhere you look. Let’s everyone know that you’re from New York.”

Watch their shopping excursion in the clip above.

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