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People giving Jimmy Fallon credit for helping Donald Trump become the 45th President of the United States should make sure to pay their respects to Seth Meyers as well, at least according to Meyers himself.

Meyers appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and discussed Fallon’s controversial interview with Trump last year, which included Fallon tousling Trump’s hair and was cited as normalizing the then-candidate for mainstream audiences.

“I was insulted by the reaction because I know after that happened, you took some heat, and some people said you are the reason he won, and I’m so insulted by that because I am the reason he won,” Meyers, who hosts fellow NBC late-night show Late Night, joked. “I made fun of him in 2011 [at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner], that’s the night he decided to run. I kicked the hornet’s nest, you just rubbed a hornet’s head. Both bad. It’s not the outcome I wanted, but it’s history. I got a man elected president, I want my points.”

Meyers, who was on The Tonight Show to discuss the upcoming HRC Greater New York Gala, also reminisced about starring with Trump in a 2004 SNL sketch called “Fathers and Sons” alongside Fallon and Horatio Sanz.

“Trump and I…he doesn’t love me,” Meyers said, referring to his Late Night coverage. “It was funny because in that sketch, me and Trump, even as father and son, we didn’t get along,” he added.

In addition to politics, Meyers and Fallon — who both work inside NBC’s famed home at 30 Rockefeller Plaza — also goofed around while filming local promos.

“We didn’t talk about how close our studios are,” Fallon said. “But really, and you’ll be able to hear it soon ’cause the [Late Night] band starts playing up there and we can hear it.”

“Oh really? Well, we can hear The Roots. If you can hear our band, do you think we can’t hear The Roots?” Meyers laughed.

This was before they even got to the promos. The hosts then joked about hearing lively music while chatting about a serious topic, as they shouted and danced to each other over the loud noise.

Watch them pal around in the clip above.

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