The 'Late Night' host dissects Democrats' response to Trump

By Nick Romano
February 09, 2017 at 06:37 AM EST

In his on-going analysis of the Trump administration, Seth Meyers turned his attention to the Democrats in the Senate and how they can better combat this new presidency. “Democrats, you’re the Pussycat Dolls of Capitol Hill,” he joked on Wednesday’s Late Night. “It’s been a while since you’ve had a hit.”

The crack was made in regards to Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi. The former recently admitted Democrats “cannot let ourselves off the hook so easily” for Trump’s election win, while the Senate Minority Leader suggested the otherwise.

Meyers had this other zinger for Pelosi: “The Democratic Party is like the Atlanta Falcons drifting off during a halftime speech and forgetting there’s more football to play.”

The host also suggested the party should appoint new leadership, while screening a clip of Pelosi referring to Trump as President Bush. “Look at the face of the Congresswoman behind her when she says Bush,” he noted. “That’s the face you make when the best man forgets the name of the bride.”

Warren, meanwhile, was given her own action movie poster for Warren Peace with the tagline, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” — a reference to Republican Mitch McConnell’s response after he silenced her on the Senate floor.

“Democrats, you have millions of fired-up protesters demanding you stand up to Trump. More of you should be onboard,” Meyers suggested. “I mean isn’t there anyone out there willing to stand up and fight? What’s Obama up to? Maybe he’ll come back?”

Watch Meyers in the clip above.