By Evan Slead
February 09, 2017 at 02:55 PM EST

Comedian Nick Thune has some words of wisdom on how to be a good guy, some of which may only apply to those lacking sarcasm.

During an episode of EW: The Show, part of the People/Entertainment Weekly network, Thune gave an intimate look into his comedy special Nick Thune: Good Guy and offered some tips on how to properly conduct oneself as a man (or woman) of means.

“Obviously moisturize; a lot of people don’t know that,” Thune said. “Moisturizing is actually the first thing you can do to start to be a better person, and then after that, I would say stop going to drug dealers and start lying to doctors.”

The special, which is now streaming on NBC’s Seeso service, covers the lessons the comedian has learned over the years, from his hard-working days as a waiter to becoming a father, with some of the best advice coming from his manly influences. “If you’re not five minutes early then you’re late, that’s what my dad always said. Also, my dad was a notorious bad person.”

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Some more advice from his family: “My grandfather always said, ‘Nick, you open a door and you hold it for a lady,’ and I just remember thinking, ‘God, grandpa you are a misogynistic a—hole.’”

But the main Thune wants fans to take away: “If you wanna be a good guy watch my f—ing special,” which is available now on Seeso and iTunes.