By Rachel DeSantis
February 09, 2017 at 02:52 PM EST

Marcia Gay Harden knows there’s one scene between two ladies that fans of the Fifty Shades books will be eagerly anticipating in the trilogy’s newest film, Fifty Shades Darker. Unfortunately, the catfight between her character, Christian Grey’s mother Grace, and Kim Basinger’s character, Christian’s former lover Elena, may not last as long as fans had hoped.

“It’s too short, in my opinion, it should’ve been longer,” she said of the fight in the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “It happens very quickly, as it does in the book. It’s very true to what happens in the book, and Grace hears what she doesn’t want to hear, and understands what she doesn’t want to understand, that Kim had been sleeping with her son.”

What comes next will be familiar for fans of the books: Harden’s character yells at Basinger, demanding she leave her house, and when she doesn’t, Harden delivers a slap. But it’s what Basinger did next that surprised Harden.

“Kim does this thing where she takes her little hankie and she drops it on the floor before she leaves, as if to soil my home before she leaves,” Harden explained. “I thought, ‘How dare you,’ but she’s a very smart actress.”

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