By Nivea Serrao
February 11, 2017 at 08:30 AM EST
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The Magic School Bus is the latest childhood favorite to make a comeback, with Kate McKinnon hopping behind the wheel of Netflix’s newest children’s show to voice Ms. Frizzle, the beloved teacher who took her class (and viewers) on adventure-filled field trips for four seasons.

But with The Magic School Bus Rides Again still a ways off from making its small screen premiere, EW decided to look back at the PBS animated show — which ran from 1994 to 1997 — and highlight its most memorable episodes.

5. “Family Holiday Special”

The Magic School Bus had its fair share of impressive guest stars, but this holiday-themed episode, which featured Dolly Parton playing the role of Ms. Frizzle’s cousin Murph, takes the cake. And while the “Jolene” singer is plenty memorable on her own, the episode is also notable in that the School Bus actually falls apart (or “un-recycles” itself), leading the class, Ms. Frizzle, and Murph to team up and put it back together — in song, of course.

4. “Going Batty”

Ms. Frizzle is a mysterious figure, so it’s not too much of a shocker that Ralphie might wrongly assume that their teacher is a vampire who might be turning their parents into bloodsuckers too. Also, the kids turn into bats themselves, allowing them to learn about the subject from firsthand experience.

3. “The Busasaurus”

The Magic School Bus isn’t just capable of traversing space, but it can also leap back in time, like in this episode that features Ms. Frizzle and the class going back in history in order to learn more about dinosaurs… while also experiencing their own version of Jurassic Park.

2. “Gets Lost In Space”

Not only does this episode, the show’s pilot, introduce viewers to what Ms. Frizzle’s field trips are like (thus proving Arnold’s cousin Janet wrong), but it also technically sees Arnold die, as the young boy takes off his spacesuit helmet to make a point.

1. “Inside Ralphie”

Ask any fan — or even casual viewer — of the series, and they’ll remember watching this particular episode, which saw Ms. Frizzle, the Bus, and the students shrink down to explore their classmate Ralphie’s immune system when he falls sick. Once inside, the kids get an up-close look at how white blood cells defend the body from infection.

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