'I think we all remember where we weren't were when we didn't hear that nothing had happened'
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Initially, Stephen Colbert wasn’t going to discuss Trump aide Kellyanne Conway and her comments about the Bowling Green massacre that never happened. “The crazy train has gone way down the tracks since then and I figured this tired hobo just missed his chance to jump in the box car,” he joked on Monday’s The Late Show. But the President gave him a new reason to do so when Trump claimed the “dishonest press” were refusing to report on terrorist attacks.

“In one case the President is right,” Colbert said. “In one case there was a terrorist attack the press did not talk about. It’s something called the Bowling Green massacre.” He joked, “I think we all remember where we weren’t were when we didn’t hear that nothing had happened.”

Conway has since admitted the massacre didn’t happen, chalking it up to a slip. But, as Colbert pointed out, she mentioned the massacre to multiple outlets. The moment has since transformed into fodder for comedians.

Declaring himself to be a “Bowling Green truther,” Colbert jokingly argued for the media to present both sides of the story: “the things that did happen and the things that didn’t happen.”

“Just because it didn’t happen,” he added, “doesn’t mean it wasn’t an inside job. Think about it, if America isn’t going to be attacked, who’s most likely not to do it? Us. That’s why I’m a Bowling Green truther. I demand that the media not release the reports they did not do on the attacks that did not occur, and I will not rest until they don’t.”

Watch Colbert in the clip above.

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