By Lydia Price
February 06, 2017 at 04:45 PM EST

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Melissa McCarthy is truly a gift to us all.

In between her side-splitting work in films and TV shows like Ghostbusters, Spy, and Mike & Molly, the actress holds us over with on-point sketch performances and candid interviews.

These quick-and-beautiful McCarthy moments below are guaranteed to provide you with your daily fix of the giggles, and make you love the star even more than you already do (if that’s possible.)

1. Her Sean Spicer impression.

The funny woman made a surprise Saturday Night Live appearance to deliver an uncanny portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. While Spicer told Extra that McCarthy needed to “dial it back,” we think everything from the podium-pushing antics to the soap-filled Super Soaker was comedy gold.

2. Her lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon.

McCarthy was in it to win it when she took on The Tonight Show host. Delivering a performance so fierce it required eye protection, the actress held her own against the veteran as she “sang” DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” and “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas.

3. When she told Ellen DeGeneres about her Spanx incident.

As anyone who’s ever squeezed into a pair knows, wearing Spanx can be both a magical and hazardous endeavor. On Ellen, McCarthy shared the tale of a particularly unfortunate Spanx incident in which her fence-builders got a full “360” view of way more than she wanted them to see.

4. Her “Outside the Lines” SNL skit.

During her 2013 SNL hosting gig, McCarthy played terrifying — yet hilarious — college basketball coach Sheila Kelly. The skit parodied the firing of Rutger’s coach Mike Rice, expertly finding the punchlines in the dark subject matter.

5. When she explained her early misunderstanding of sex.

All kids have some misconceptions about sex, but McCarthy really had some misconceptions about sex as a fourth grader. As she explained on Conan, the star was once confident that her parents had never done the deed because her dad couldn’t do “the Chinese splits.” We’ll let her elaborate on what that means.

6. Her Chris Farley impression.

McCarthy bravely took on Chris Farley’s classic (de)motivational speaker character Matt Foley on the SNL 40 celebration. The actress fully committed to the part, even diving onto the Weekend Update desk for the finale.

7. When she played a climate change doubting senator.

Alongside husband Ben Falcone and Jim Rash, McCarthy played a stubborn senator who could simply not be convinced that coral reefs were in danger.

8. When she told Jimmy Kimmel about her cousin’s One Direction freak-out.

There was very nearly a McCarthy family tragedy when the actress happened to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the same night that One Direction stopped by the show. As McCarthy explained, her “little” cousin was so excited by the boy band news that she appeared to be having a medical emergency. The blushing cousin admitted McCarthy’s reenactment of the episode was pretty “dead on.”

9. The Marbles video blogs.

Long before starring in blockbuster movies, McCarthy was vlogging as would-be advice-giver Marbles. In one riveting post, Marbles discusses the dangers of E. coli and Taco Bell.

10. The pick-up artist SNL sketch.

McCarthy played a pick-up artist’s failing student during her 2016 hosting stint. “Ronda,” made classic dating mistakes like telling the guy she thinks her family member is a serial killer and making fart noises with her mouth.