The host encounters nudists in the new footage.

Matt LeBlanc returns to host the new season of Top Gear, which debuted a new trailer filled with automotive antics on Saturday. Prior motor convictions? Check. Speeding? Check. Competitive driving and pyrotechnics? Check and check.

The new footage, also featuring co-hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid, is intercut with a BBC insurance department agent probing the gents on their shenanigans. All keep the fact they’re a major risk factor to themselves while recalling crashes, chases, and — surprisingly — nudists.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just drift along,” Harris promises. In the end, The Stig blows their ruse when he pops in sporting an enflamed shoulder.

LeBlanc stepped in after Chris Evans unceremoniously left his hosting post last year. The Friends veteran teased that his future with the show was unclear, but The BBC later renewed his role for two more seasons, calling him “hugely popular” with viewers.

BBC America has yet to announce a premiere date for the new season. Watch the trailer above.

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