OWN's acclaimed original drama series kicked off the season 2 return of 'Greenleaf' with a trailer filled with passages of what's to come to the Memphis churchgoers.
Greenleaf Trailer Oprah Winfrey Network (screen grab) CR: OWN
Credit: OWN

“Judgment’s coming” to the lives of Greenleaf.

OWN’s acclaimed original drama series kicked off its season 2 return with a trailer filled with passages of what’s to come in Memphis. Apart from the strong recurring cast, Oprah Winfrey still holds her executive producing credit, and it seems she’ll also make a return appearance as Mavis in the coming episodes. OWN shared the trailer Saturday on Twitter.

With the ending of season 1 revealing fractures in the Greenleaf family tree, son Jacob (Lamman Rucker) is holding tight to his convictions of leaving the family church for a new spot in the rival worship house Triumph Ministries. Of course, Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) isn’t letting her son’s decision be made without a fight, but the recent exposure of James’ (Keith David) possible former crime has the household on its head. “Don’t leave town,” says a detective to a shaken James. “You paid to burn down First Baptist Church in 1983.”

Meanwhile, daughter Grace (Merle Dandridge) attempts to delve further into her family’s past crimes, with the help of a reporter (Rick Fox) who’s new to the Greenleaf drama. EW spoke to Dandridge in August at the end of the season about what to expect from her character moving forward. “She’s going to be a confident, proactive, sword-wielding Grace in season 2,” she said.

The anticipated returning season will feature 16 episodes, with the first half debuting Wednesday, March 15, and the remaining episodes coming this summer to OWN. Check out the trailer above.

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