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For House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, the deep, dark underbelly of politics was typically reserved for the screen throughout his four seasons as showrunner.

In light of Donald Trump’s presidency, however, art is imitating life for Willimon, who on Friday called for Trump’s impeachment over a series of 25 tweets he labeled the ‘Declaration of Resistance.’

Willimon, who left House of Cards following season 4, began his impassioned plea by referencing the “rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” from the Declaration of Independence, and continued by declaring it the “right of the people to make such demands upon their Congress: immediate impeachment of the President for crimes committed.”

His numbered tweets, which were arranged similarly to the Declaration of Independence, outlined what Willimon called “crimes” committed by President Trump, which he wrote have contributed to Trump’s “absolute Tyranny over the States.”

Willimon cited the recent ban on refugees, the high-ranking appointment of Steve Bannon, Trump’s business conflicts of interest, and the fact that Trump has “hastily signed multiple Executive Orders without the advisement of Congress, policy experts, his cabinet or staff” as reasons for impeachment, among others.

Even without Willimon at the helm, House of Cards hasn’t shied away from getting political in the real world either; on Jan. 20, Trump’s Inauguration Day, Netflix unveiled an ominous trailer for season five.

Read the entire declaration here:

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