Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?
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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?
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[SPOILER ALERT: This story contains plot details from Friday night’s season 2 finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Read at your own risk!]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been building up to Josh and Rebecca’s wedding all season long. But when the big day wedding episode finally did arrive, it seemed like almost nothing went according to Rebecca’s (and Valencia’s) plan.

With as many as six twists unfolding in the span of the hour-long season-ending episode, EW ranked each one by “gasp-worthiness.” Without further ado, here they are:

6. Trent is back

While his return was teased last episode, Rebecca’s own crazy ex-boyfriend proved surprising in not only his ability to track down information about her, but also in his choice of method to disrupt the wedding. Rather than objecting mid ceremony, Trent presents Josh with a dossier filled with information about the big secret Rebecca is hiding from him, and isn’t heard from again in the episode.

5. Darryl wants a baby

After what’s been relatively smooth sailing for the beloved couple of Darryl and White Josh, the pair’s ship was blown off course when Josh revealed that he doesn’t believe in marriage — much to poor Darryl’s disappointment. Following their brief discussion of the matter before Rebecca’s impending wedding ceremony, and Darryl watching his daughter Madison and Josh talking, the lawyer revealed he had let go of the idea of them tying the knot… only to pick up the idea of them raising a baby together.

4. Rebecca stands up to her father

It was no surprise when Silas (a.k.a. the “Westchester Sperm Machine”) turned out to be a bad guy after all, having only attended Rebecca’s big day so he could ask her to lend him some money for her half-brother’s braces. But just when it seemed like everyone’s favorite West Covina-based lawyer would tell him off — following her brief therapy session with Dr. Akopian — Rebecca ended up giving him the money in an effort to ensure he stay to walk her down the aisle. Except, when Paula pointed out that the root of all of Rebecca’s issues was her feelings of abandonment after her father left her and her mother, Silas didn’t apologize, turning to leave instead. Thankfully this led to Rebecca not only telling him to get out of her life, but also responding “a little bit” when he called her crazy.

3. Josh Chan decides to become a priest

It’s been clear that Joshua Chan has not known what he wants since his engagement with Valencia, and the second season finale only underscored it. When faced with wedding day jitters and questions about his fiancée Rebecca, Josh turned to Father Brah, a clear break from his usual pattern of falling for the nearest pretty girl in his life. But instead of following his friend’s advice to discuss his feelings with his soon-to-be-wife, Josh decided he was ready to heed the call of God… and get the T-shirt that comes with it.

2. Rebecca vows to destroy Josh Chan

Josh Chan has been the object of Rebecca’s affections for two whole seasons now. So his choice to become a priest doesn’t just hurt her feelings and bring up the abandonment issues her father caused, but it also seems to unhinge her as she turns down Paula’s pitches for revenge plans — only to vow to destroy him instead. And something about her tone suggests this won’t involve just peeing on all his belongings.

1. Robert.

It’s the name that threw a wrench in everything — and sent Josh into his jitter-amplified spiral. In a series of dissociative flashbacks throughout the episode, Rebecca reveals she’d been obsessed with someone before Josh at least seven years ago: Robert, one of her professors at Harvard Law School. But when the older man breaks up with her (once again triggering her issues), Rebecca gets upset and sets fire to his belongings and is taken to court facing three counts of arson. However, after her mother Naomi argues that she’s just “a girl in love” (thus quoting the show’s second season theme tune), the judge sees it fit to drop the charges and grant a restraining order against her — provided she get the necessary care for her mental help. This, in turn, reveals why Rebecca ended up graduating from Yale, and it explains the mental state in which we found her way back in the pilot.

Read the full recap here. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was renewed for a third season.

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