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Rick Grimes is finally ready to take on Negan when The Walking Dead returns on Feb. 12 for the second half of season 7. But there is one person who never wavered in terms of desire for revenge, and that is Sasha. Let's face it, it's been a rough go for Sasha on the show. Her first boyfriend was eaten by cannibals, her brother Tyreese was killed by a pint-sized kid zombie, and then her new boyfriend Abraham had his skull crushed by a lunatic with a baseball bat.

Hopefully Sasha's run of bad luck does not continue with her own death — although the fact she landed the lead role in CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery has us a bit on the nervous side (she addressed it here) — because this is clearly a woman on a mission. And that mission is to take out Negan for once and for all. We spoke to Sonequa Martin-Green to get her take on what to expect from Sasha and the gang moving forward.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Sasha appears to clearly be on a mission to avenge Abraham and take out Negan. What can you say about her intent and motivations leading into this back half of the season?
SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN: We've all come together, and that's a beautiful thing. It took us a long time to get back together, and everybody's been on their separate paths of, really, self-discovery and also figuring out, how are we going to move forward? How do I fit in this new world? We've all been on our separate paths doing that, and I think that the first half of the season was such an arduous one. It was so painstaking trudging uphill trying to figure this new world out.

And so I am in a similar mindset that everyone else is in. We realize that we are conquerors, and we've made it. We've made it back together, and that's victory enough to give us some pep in our step, you know? So I'm ready to see what we can do together, and I've never taken my eye off of Negan. I know what I believe needs to be done, and I'm ready to see if we can come up with a plan that will work together.

You all were so separated in the first half of the season. What was it like getting to once again work with folks you didn't get to see much of in the first half?
Oh, it's exhilarating. It's what you want, you know? You want everyone to be unified, and you want everyone's survival instincts to kick in, and you want everyone to rise above. I mean, that's the mantra, isn't it? Rise up. That's what you want everyone to do in the face of this enemy that seems undefeatable. So it was a very exciting day. It was very fun when we were finally all back together again because it wasn't just being separated from everyone; it was also why we were separated from each other in the story.

It was just kind of a bummer in a lot of ways, and you knew that we had to be there, though. You needed to see us believe that we were defeated, and obviously, there were some that never believed that, and then there were others that completely believed that, and you needed to understand that. You needed to see us trudge through it, and so, yeah, we were just so excited, and here we are. We're back together, and we about to do something about this.

The big trick now, I'm guessing, is getting all these communities to work together. Rick and the group may be somewhat on the same page, but you've got to get people like Gregory and Ezekiel and others on that page as well. So what's that going to be like dealing with getting everyone working together on this, because something like that is often easier said than done?
Exactly. That's exactly right. Much easier said than done, and I, as Sasha, have no tolerance whatsoever for anyone who's going to stand in the way or impede our process or our progress. So I have a particular disdain for Gregory. It's like when I was talking to Maggie, and said, "He's an idiot," and she said, "No, he's actually a coward, and that's more dangerous."

And so this is someone who has no backbone, who acts out of fear, and that's someone who is not a team player, who cannot be trusted, who you can't link yourself up with because he's not going to be dependable, and he might break teams. He might hinder the mission. So I have very little respect for him. Actually, I have no respect for him. So that's definitely going to be difficult in my mind to get him on board, even to understand what we're doing, and beyond that, contribute to what we're doing.

I don't want to say that's a fool's errand, but I think, to me, it seems virtually impossible. And then with anyone else, it's going to be tough, because there's politics, like you said, and there's people's intentions, and there's people's hearts, and there's people's courage. Where is this person in terms of that? How willing are they to go into battle and sacrifice themselves for the greater good? Where's your courage meter at, and Gregory, in my opinion, is at a zero.

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So what can fans expect coming up with the back half of the season?
As always, they can expect passion and turmoil, and they can expect things to be wrenching. They can expect to fist pump in excitement, and I think that to go all the way to the depth of yourself and of life and then to come out of that is just one of the best stories ever told, and those are the kinds of stories that inspire us, and thrill us, and make us see the survivor and the champion in ourselves, and so that's going to be very exciting.

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