Colton Dunn talks Garrett and Dina's relationship, Jonah's friendship, and improvisation
Superstore - Season 2
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Superstore may be open for business this Thursday, but expect some extra fun and games on offer. The episode — aptly titled "Ladies' Lunch" — will see the store experience a bit of a slow day, leading Dina to attempt to cheer Amy up by taking all the female employees out for lunch. This leaves the male members of the Cloud 9 gang to find a way to pass the time in their absence — which Garrett and Jonah quickly do as they invent a game that they then teach their coworkers.

"I think Jonah considers Garrett his friend, but Garrett never really tries too hard to have too many close friends at work," Colton Dunn tells EW. "They certainly would never have run into each other at any point in their lives outside of work. But at work, they enjoy their contradicting personalities. I think Amy is probably [Garrett's] friend. He's definitely worked with her for a while."

But while Garrett may maintain some distance with his co-workers, there is one person he has gotten close with: Dina. An episode earlier in the season even saw the characters sleep together.

"My favorite thing about this season has definitely been the back and forth between [them]," says Dunn. "It's pretty funny, and it's definitely given us a chance to see a different side of Garrett, one that's not so cool and collected… I don't even know what the attraction is. I haven't been able to figure out what it is he's attracted to, or what Dina is. Maybe it's the no-strings attachment of it, but even that comes with strings."

Just because Dina may have deemed their brief romance over before it really began, Dunn says there might still be sparks there. "Nothing's ever over… People say that kind of stuff all the time."

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In the meantime, viewers will be treated to more of Cloud 9's hilarious hijinks — some of which has been influenced by the cast's improvisation. "A lot of times what will happen is we'll improvise something and it doesn't end up in that episode," explains Dunn. "But then maybe an episode or two later we'll see it in the script and they've worked it in organically into the story so it makes more sense in the overall arc of Superstore."

This room for improvisation also allows the cast to feel free to make darker jokes. "The show's pretty lighthearted, but every once in a while we'll get really dark, or deal with a heavy subject," says Dunn. "But that's fun because that's how the real world is. It's never one or the other. So it's nice to pepper in a little dark stuff every now and then just to make sure people are watching."

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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