Daniel Stern and Luke Hemsworth also pop up in the hilarious crossover

By Rachel DeSantis
February 02, 2017 at 07:50 AM EST

Westworld fans know the storylines of Dolores, Teddy, and Maeve pretty well following a chaotic season of rogue hosts, epic shoot-outs, and general death and destruction.

But how about the other hosts of Westworld? You know, the ones not trying to awaken their consciousness and overthrow their makers? Enter Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern, or, as you’ll remember them from the classic ’90s Western comedy City Slickers, Mitch and Phil. Crystal and Stern embraced the West of both worlds with a hilarious crossover video from Funny or Die set in Westworld, and also starring Luke Hemsworth and Ptolemy Slocum.

In the video, Stubbs (Hemsworth) reveals that Mitch and Phil are actually Westworld hosts, and their City Slickers adventure is simply their narrative within the park. “This place has less privacy than Trump Tower,” Mitch quips of the facilities.

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Just like the other hosts, Mitch has started malfunctioning, though his straying involves a New York Mets hat, a penchant for drinking milk, and shooting other hosts.

After Mitch goes full Man in Black and shoots Phil dead following an argument, the two are ultimately sent to cold storage, where they’re stuck shivering among a slew of naked hosts. Because “it’s in HD,” the duo at least are able to secure a pair of onesies. Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) also makes an appearance, propositioning Mitch for sex because that is her storyline, after all.

Watch the whole video above, and let it fill the Westworld-sized hole in your heart as you wait for season 2.