'The Night Of' stars Riz Ahmed and John Turturro reunited to encourage viewers to raise funds for Syrian refugees in the wake of the U.S. immigration ban
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Credit: Riz Ahmed

The stars of The Night Of have a confession request to make.

Riz Ahmed and John Turturro — who played murder suspect Nas and his lawyer John Stone, respectively, on the acclaimed HBO miniseries — reunited for a video on Twitter encouraging Ahmed’s followers to help raise funds for Syrian refugees:

The Night Of fans will catch the pair’s winks at the series. “I just feel like I’m itching to do something,” Ahmed says before Turturro begins scratching his skin like his eczema-afflicted small-screen counterpart. (Make sure to make it to the end of the video, during which the two dramatically pause over the words “I did it.”)

Ahmed has been particularly vocal about the crisis in Syria in recent months. After launching the crowdfunding campaign in December, the British-Pakistani actor often encouraged followers on both Twitter and Instagram to donate money toward emergency and medical aid in exchange for potential prizes. And though Ahmed’s team hit their target goal of $100,000 this month, they’ll be keeping the channel open to raise more money in light of the U.S. immigration ban ordered on Friday that bars refugees of seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Syria, from entering the States. “It’s now harder and harder for them to flee the misery they’re suffering through no fault of their own,” Ahmed explains in the video. “With everything that’s going on right now, we’ve decided to extend our campaign, so we’re just asking you to go online and donate.”

Aside from his Crowdrise campaign, the politically active actor and rapper under the name “Riz MC” has also voiced his support for protesters across the U.S., including ones who chanted lyrics from his TSA-skewering song “T5,” a track he sang on as part of the rap trio Swet Shop Boys:

Ahmed’s crowdfunding campaign can be found here.

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