Take some advice from your TV mom and dad

With his glasses and sharp dress, Stephen Colbert can look a lot like one’s stereotypical “dad.” And with President Donald Trump in office and political news ratcheted up to 11, Colbert figured his audience could use a sit-down talk from Dad. But he couldn’t do it alone, recruiting guest Leslie Mann to play the Mom in this scenario. Together, they gave some helpful and idiosyncratic advice.

“Things are changing, okay?” Colbert told viewers in his dad voice. “There’s strange hair in places you never expected.”

“Like the Oval Office,” Mann said. “We just want to tell you everything is gonna be okay.”

“We really want to tell you that,” Colbert continued. “But we can’t.”

In response, Mann offered her own solution to problems: “Mommy juice,” a.k.a. a big glass of wine.

Watch the clip above.

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