Potential choices include 'Nuke the Moon Just to See What Happens'

Jimmy Fallon doesn’t joke about politics nearly as much as some of his late-night competitors; in fact, he sometimes got excoriated during the campaign for not taking things seriously enough. On Monday night, however, Fallon got back into the political fray, reviving his impression of Donald Trump for the first time since the inauguration. He didn’t shy away from joking about touchy subjects like Trump’s recent immigration ban, which sparked protests across the country this weekend.

“Look, people, I’ve made my position on immigration very clear,” Fallon-Trump said. “When it comes to immigrants, you have two choices: Either get out of here or marry me.”

Fallon-Trump then revealed how he makes all his unpredictable decisions: He consults a literal “Huge Wheel of Decisions.” Options on the wheel range from “Make Omarosa Poet Laureate” to “Nuke the Moon Just to See What Happens.” He had a separate one for potential Supreme Court justices, with options like Kanye West and Adele Dazeem.

Watch the clip above.

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