Stopping by the 'The Tonight Show' to chat about her Netflix series 'Santa Clarita Diet,' Drew Barrymore took on three separate Guinness world records live.

By Evan Slead
January 28, 2017 at 12:48 PM EST
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

All Drew Barrymore needs to make the Guinness World Records list is lipstick, paper, and enormous amounts of hair — plus, a little help from Jimmy Fallon.

Stopping by The Tonight Show to chat about her upcoming Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, Barrymore took on three separate Guinness world records live, with the help of the host and her Fever Pitch costar. Fallon decided apart from "holding the record for being one of the coolest people in the world," the actress needed some technical records under her belt.

Her first challenge: apply lipstick to ten different people in under 30 seconds. This proves to be easy peasy for the Riding in Cars with Boys actress, as she smacks on a red hue to each contestant with eight seconds to spare.

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Keeping up the 30-second theme, Fallon prepared a more physical record for Barrymore to break. "Just because we love you we made these 10 banners," said the late night host, pointing to large banners with "Go Drew!" plastered on each one. Once again, the E.T. actress breezes — and crashes — through the challenge, this one in just nine seconds.

For her last challenge, Fallon has a real "hair-raising" showstopper ready to go. Watch the full video below.

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