A Closer Look at the president's claims about the election

By Christian Holub
January 27, 2017 at 09:10 AM EST

Although President Donald Trump has signed multiple executive orders within days of taking office, he has also sent a few erratic tweets and seemed unusually fixated on heavily-debunked conspiracy theories of “voter fraud” that cost him the popular vote in the election. New York Times reporter suggested that some of Trump’s behavior may be due to lack of sleep in his first days, and claimed that his advisers say he’s more self-destructive when the stakes are high.

“Well, thankfully that’s not a problem since presidents usually get lots of sleep and never have to deal with high-stakes situations,” Seth Meyers joked on Late Night Thursday. “Trump doesn’t have the make-up of a Navy Seal; it’s more like a Navy Porpoise.”

President Trump claimed in a recent ABC News interview that millions of people voted illegally in the election, but has so far not produced proof to back up this highly-disputed claim. As Meyers noted, it may just be a front for political maneuvering.

“Clearly, this is the beginning of an attempt by the president to crack down on people who voted against him, using fake voter fraud as a pretext,” Meyers said.

Watch the clip above.

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