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Jon Hamm and hockey go way back. The Mad Men star grew up watching the St. Louis Blues play, and now, he's hosting The NHL100, an event celebrating the league's 100-year anniversary.

"I'm not an athlete in any way, shape, or form, but I really am a fan of the game and a fan of the league and I'm just happy to be asked to be involved," he tells EW. "It's rowdy, it's loud, it's fast-paced, it's rough and tumble," the Emmy winner adds of the sport. But just because he loves it doesn't mean he'll be starring in a hockey-themed movie anytime soon.

"I can't skate well enough to play any of [the players], so I'd have to sort of fake it, which would be a drag," he says. If he did have to pick one real-life player to star as, though? "Harold Snepsts — only because, if you Google his name, he had one of the greatest mustaches in the history of the league."

Indeed, the Vancouver Canucks alum has some impressive facial hair:

Minnesota North Stars v Boston Bruins
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Hamm also walked us through some of his favorite hockey moments in pop culture, including Wayne Gretzky's 1989 hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, where he starred in a sketch parodying Elvis movies titled "Waikiki Hockey," and the 1977 comedy Slap Shot.

"That's the beginning and the end of hockey movies as they go," he says. "It's Paul Newman, and it's a really excellent, hilarious look at minor league hockey and the characters that it attracts. I don't think anybody's going to make a better hockey movie than that." Unless he stars in that mustache-focused Harold Snepsts, biopic, of course.

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The NHL100 airs live from the Microsoft Theater Friday, Jan. 27 beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET. It'll broadcast on NBCSN in the U.S. and Sportsnet and TVAS in Canada.