There were plenty of famous faces crowding the streets at the Jan. 21 Women’s Marches across the country, and plenty of clever signs made by protesters, but perhaps no one brought the two together better than Melissa Benoist.

Benoist, who plays Supergirl on the hit CW series, attended the march in D.C. with a sign that read, “Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my p—-, it’s made of steel.” The actress dropped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to give some insight into the making of the sign, which was a hit on social media, and her time at the march.

“It just seemed like a very straightforward way to say something pretty poignant,” Benoist said after admitting she’d gotten some help from a friend making it.

Benoist also revealed she’d traveled from Vancouver to attend the march with her sister and friend in order to “stand in solidarity with people who were standing up for things that are necessary to stand up for now.”

“I think it’s an exemplary version of democracy at its purest, and it was really moving to be a part of it,” she said. “It was just an awe-inspiring event that I will never forget, and I’m so proud I was a part of it.”

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