The president likes to watch TV and wants to enjoy his position more

By Christian Holub
January 26, 2017 at 07:37 AM EST

President Donald Trump is not wasting any time. Trump has been in the White House less than a week and has already issued or promised executive orders on health care, abortions, and refugees, among other things. And yet, as Seth Meyers noted Wednesday night during his A Closer Look segment, reports from the Trump White House indicate the president himself is difficult to control and prone to watching TV.

“I hear you, I deal with the same issue with my son,” Meyers joked. “He’s nine months old, and we’re trying to observe a no-screens rule, but sometimes he gets cranky and the only thing that works is Dora the Explorer. So, been there.”

According to another report, Trump is disappointed that the busy events of the past few days have not allowed him to “enjoy” the White House yet. But as Meyers demonstrated with before and after pictures of former President Barack Obama, that’s not typically the effect the White House has on its inhabitants anyway.

“Hey man, you’re not supposed to enjoy the White House,” Meyers said. “That’s why dudes go in looking this and come out looking like this: That’s not a guy who was at a super fun party. Forget a guy leaving a carnival, that’s a guy who just got visited by three ghosts.”

Watch the clip above.

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