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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the winter premiere of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk!

Though Annalise is currently behind bars for the murder of Wes Gibbons, someone else confessed to committing the crime during the How to Get Away with Murder winter finale.

While Annalise (Viola Davis) was denied bail and sent back to jail, Bonnie (Liza Weil) unearthed information that points to Sam’s (Tom Verica) disgruntled sister Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) playing a role in the frame job. But it was Frank (Charlie Weber) who confessed to Wes’ murder by the episode’s end. Is he truly at fault? EW turned to executive producer Pete Nowalk to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Frank confessed to Wes’ murder. Is he actually telling the truth, or is he trying to protect Annalise?
PETE NOWALK: That’s the question we wanted to leave you with, so I’m glad you’re asking that. The next episode will reveal a lot more, and we’ll see more of that flashback. We’ll see exactly where Wes and Frank went after they got in the car. We’re going to pick up immediately with that, and we’re going to see what they have to talk about, because the two of them have a lot to talk about.

Laurel’s first thought was that it was Frank. With Frank confessing, what is that going to do to what’s left of whatever relationship he had with Laurel?
It’s going to complicate it, because she said some horrible things to him that are probably deserved, like, “It should’ve been you that died and not Wes.” There’s a lot of feelings there toward each other. Obviously Laurel is really angry at him, she doesn’t trust him, she hates him, but I think it’s also because she loves him and got involved with him. I think he definitely cares for Laurel.

Will Frank’s confession get Annalise out of jail?
We’re going to see the answer to that in the next episode. I don’t think the DA is going to want to believe this. It seems very convenient, so the question is: Is Frank’s plan going to work? Or did he just make a bigger mess of things?

How does Bonnie react in the wake of this?
Well, he didn’t even tell Bonnie he was going to go do this, probably because he knew she would say, “Don’t do that.” She’s going to be like, “What the f— did you deal me with, Frank?” Or is she going to happy that he’s doing this for Annalise? That’s the juice of the next episode.

Is Annalise safe in prison?
I don’t think she’s safe. I don’t know if anyone is ever really safe in prison, and I think she’s so shell-shocked and scared. She doesn’t want anyone to know who she is, but meanwhile, her roommate Jasmine (L. Scott Caldwell) has already seen her in court. Yes, she’s afraid of the police, she’s afraid of the other prisoners; she just wants out of there. It’s going to be fun to see how she navigates all that.

It feels like we should never trust anyone on this show. Should we worry that Jasmine is being nice to Annalise?
Annalise is probably worried about that. I don’t think Annalise trusts anyone, so you’re feeling everything Annalise feels. Time will tell whether this is her friend or her enemy. But L. Scott Caldwell is amazing! That monologue she gives, I could just watch that over and over again, because it’s so random, and she’s amazing.

Wes’ cause of death was asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation, so the medical examiner doesn’t think he died before the fire. Does this mean someone really didn’t kill him beforehand, or does this mean that somebody got to the M.E.?
Both those things are possible. What’s great for Nate is he’s the one with all this information now, so he’s going to be asking those exact questions and really searching for the truth, because he’s our moral compass. He’s never done something that bad. He wants to know, basically, for many reasons, so he’ll play a bigger part in that storyline going forward.

So he’s not necessarily on Annalise’s side, but he’s not necessarily against her?
Yeah, he’s the middle-ground person. Knowing what I know, that will become clear in future episodes — like exactly whose side he’s on.

Hannah Keating was mentioned as a potential suspect. One, is Marcia Gay Harden returning? And two, could Hannah Keating actually be involved?
One, I can’t answer that. And two, of course she could be involved. One of the things we do on the show — because obviously if you’re asking the questions, so are the characters — is to introduce our probable suspects and start investigating them. Hannah Keating has a real personal vendetta against Annalise. That was her house that she grew up in. She does think that Annalise killed her brother. None of that has gone away in the year that’s passed in our show since we last saw her. It’s definitely possible that she did something shady.

Will we see the Mahoneys again?
Yes, we’ll see them again. Bonnie mentions them in court. They’re going to be viable alternative suspects for our characters. That story makes a lot of sense if you’re trying to argue that in court.

Will we get a definitive answer on who killed Wes by the season finale?
You’ll know the full picture by the finale.

Is Laurel going to get addicted to painkillers?
No, she’s not. Annalise is still dealing with her addiction issues, so I didn’t want to go down that road again.

Oliver kept a copy of Annalise’s phone log. What does he plan to do with it?
Oliver is basically keeping his options open. As any of us would be, he’s torn about what to do right now. Connor is telling him to turn them all in, go free, and run away from this madness, which makes a lot of sense. But Oliver loves Connor, and he probably loves all these people, and he also has a little bit of a sick need for the drama. Keeping that phone is just him keeping his options open.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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