They simulated a ride through snowy New York

By Christian Holub
January 26, 2017 at 09:01 AM EST

In addition to just being fun to watch, Jimmy Fallon’s most imaginative games allow guests to show off previously-unknown skill sets. On Wednesday night, for example, Glenn Close got the chance to prove that in addition to her acting skills (soon on display in Broadway’s Sunset Boulevard revival), she’s also pretty good at racing horse-drawn carriages.

No real horses were available, so Close and Fallon instead affixed plush animals to the front part of their little cars. Although it’s actually been raining in New York recently, the race was modeled after a snowy carriage ride, featuring white hallways, kids pretending to have a fake snowball fight, and a costumed guy known only as “Kevin the Trash-Talking Moose.”

Fallon got off to an early lead in the race itself, but Close was hot on his tail and was able to overcome the host once he got bombarded by kids’ fake snowballs. She carried that through into a final victory.

Watch the clip above.

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