We’re living in the era of the reboot. In both film and television, successful properties are getting revived or a full makeover. With shows like 24: Legacy, Prison Break, and Twin Peaks set to debut in the coming months, EW has your field guide to the television reboot.

On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show, senior writer and “self-certified television scientist” Clark Collis is here to break down the different types of reboots, or “existing shows gloriously or not so gloriously brought back from the past to entertain the audiences today,” he explains.

The scientist’s nifty guide separates the different kinds of reboots into four categories: full reboot, soft reboot, continuation, and spin-off. While all of them are revitalizing an established brand, each one serves a specific purpose, whether it’s creating a complete new story or continuing years later with the same characters.

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