Credit: Netflix

NBC is asking the right question this pilot season: What About Barb?

A few months late, perhaps. But we’re all still wondering about her, so that’s okay.

Sadly, it seems NBC’s Barb is an entirely different Barb.

The broadcaster has just ordered a comedy pilot based on the hit movie What About Bob? You remember that 1991 film where Bill Murray played the totally overbearing patient of a renowned psychiatrist portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss? So it’s just like that, only with a female patient taking “baby steps” instead.

It’s like something from an upside-down alternate TV universe. We see the title What About Barb?, get all excited, then realize a Demogorgon has devoured our hopes.

Perhaps actress Shannon Purser, who’s going to be on The CW’s Riverdale, can at least guest star on NBC’s What About Barb? After all, stranger things have happened.