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In the season 1 finale, Sweet/Vicious — a bold and unapologetic look at sexual assault on college campuses — was able to tell Jules' story in a way that viewers could walk away feeling satisfied. And yet, there's so much more story to tell, whether it be about Jules and Ophelia or other issues plaguing college campuses.

For example, Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson tells EW that episode 3 originally featured an LGBT survivor before they realized they couldn't quite do that story justice … yet.

"We kept trying to fit in this story of an LGBT character and survivor and what we found was, we don't have enough time because there's so much screen time going to Jules and Ophelia and their budding friendship because in episode 3, we're just starting to get to know them together and we kept having to cut scenes," Robinson says.

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But that's not the only other story that Robinson would love to explore if the show were to get a second season at MTV. "We think male survivors are important. We think race issues are important. We want to talk about bullying," she says. "There are so many things that are within the college ecosystem that are world issues that we really want to dig into, but in this first season, having to really tell the Jules story and also having to build all these characters and get to know all of them, we wanted to make sure that we weren't cheapening a story and weren't just telling something to tell it. We really wanted to tell it right. If we are lucky enough to get a season 2, we want to explore all of those things."

And based on how the first season ended — with Harris joining the team and the official launch of Sweet/Vicious — as Robinson puts it, there's a promise that a second season would be "bigger and more fantastic."

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