A giant dice provides them prompts like 'Perpetual Motion'

By Christian Holub
January 25, 2017 at 08:07 AM EST
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon’s advantage in games is usually his seemingly endless well of goofy energy, but Mike Myers proved he is a perfect match for him during the duo’s Dice Dance-Off on Tuesday’s Tonight Show.

Dressed in colorful track suits, Myers and Fallon took turns rolling a giant dice and dancing out whatever prompt it landed on. Myers rolled first and got “Perpetual Motion.” Backed by an energetic beat from The Roots, he proceeded to dance across the stage, never stopping as he added all kinds of twirls and embellishes.

Myers set a high bar, which Fallon tried to match with his own roll, “The Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In?” He turned the act of frantically searching one’s person for keys into respectable dance choreography, and managed to impress Meyers. “Not bad for an American,” Myers cracked before finding a way to dance out of “Hot Poutine.”

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They even teamed up for the last dance, working together to figure out moves for “The Slip N Slide.”

Watch the clip above.

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